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      Call us on 01225 475 800 Call us on 01225 475 800
      The MediaClash approach.

      The MediaClash approach.

      We’re a Bath-based publisher, digital agency and event organiser.

      We’re bit of a rare breed in that we are both first party practitioners for our own work and also an agency for our clients.

      So we don’t just propose digital, publishing, creative marketing and event options for you – but we also do it ourselves, every day…

      The MediaClash approach.

      The story so far...

      Formed in 2006, MediaClash has grown to become one of the South West's leading and most versatile businesses.

      We employ 60-odd people from our HQ in Bath. Our work is varied by medium and subject matter: this keeps teams fresh and allows clients to benefit from thinking in multiple areas.

      All our media is based on three tenets:


      Stand out amidst the babble


      Reward with great content to truly connect


      Prompt readers to take action: buy, visit, recommend; make sure they do something

      Talk to us...

      Talk to us...

      Whether you have a great new idea, an exciting business proposition or marketing needs, we'd love to hear from you.

      Get in touch

      Talk to us...
      Work for us...
      Work for us...

      Work for us...

      We're always looking for interesting, talented people to join our team.

      Take a look at our Careers page to see if we have any openings that suit your talents and skills.

      View vacancies

      Business consultancy.

      Business consultancy.

      Need help developing your business?

      Whether strategic or tactical, we can help…

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      Business consultancy.