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      Call us on 01225 475 800 Call us on 01225 475 800
      • Christine Penny

      • Client: Christine Penny is a residential property broker who specialises in buying and selling luxury residential properties for clients in Bath.

        Outcome: We worked closely with Christine to create a new brand identity for her business. We also designed and created a fully responsive website that would reflect the high quality service offered by Christine Penny.

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      • Healing Herbs

      • Client: Healing Herbs create the highest quality natural Bach Flower essences and distribute their products across the globe.

        Outcome: To reflect the quality of Healing Herb's product, we designed and built a fully responsive, high quality multi-site platform, which included:

        • ecommerce
        • educational resources
        • selection tools
        • multi-language video-based learning programme

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      • Brownsword Hotels

      • Client: Andrew Brownsword Hotels are a renowned collection of privately owned properties situated in some of Great Britain's most memorable locations.

        Outcome: Each property within the collection required a bespoke, user-friendly website that encapsulated its individual characteristics and encouraged online bookings. We were also responsible for email marketing, SEO and social media.

      • Creative Bath

      • Client: Creative Bath is a hub for local creatives, offering the latest news, jobs and events all in one place.

        Outcome: We created Creative Bath's brand identity and replaced their existing website with a fully responsive website, which offered a better user experience and encouraged social engagement.

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      • City Awards

      • Project: The City Awards celebrate the very best businesses in Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter. Local companies compete to win the city’s most prestigious, most sought after business awards.

        Outcome: As well as organising every aspect of each event, we were tasked with developing a strong brand identity and designing a fully responsive user-friendly website.

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      • Centre for Digital Entertainment

      • Client: CDE is an initiative run by the Universities of Bath and Bournemouth that embeds doctoral researchers into Research and Development roles in relevant companies.

        Outcome: We designed and created a fully comprehensive website that focuses on the requirements of:

        • potential applicants – who need to be excited by the opportunities offered
        • businesses – who need to understand the benefits of getting involved
        • current students – who need a hub to share experiences and keep in touch

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