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      Call us on 01225 475 800 Call us on 01225 475 800
      Bristol Life Business Club

      Bristol Life Business Club.

      Fresh thinking over a fine lunch.

      This is a unique gathering for Bristol's business people featuring a leading speaker over lunch at the Avon Gorge Hotel.

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      Bristol Life Business Club

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      Bristol Life is the meeting point for Bristol. Every issue, we celebrate the very best in the city, prompting our readers to get active in Bristol’s businesses.

      Every year, we showcase the best Bristol businesses at the Bristol Life Awards.

      And now, with the Bristol Life Business Club, we have created the finest business gathering.

      We bring the city’s businesses together in a discreet atmosphere, away from overt sellers and keen consultants to network and attend a talk from a leading business thinker.

      And we’ll share valuable insights into Bristol business from the Bristol Life team.

      Previous speakers: These have ranged from Michael Eavis, founder of Glastonbury Festival and Emma Stenning, chief exec of Bristol Old Vic to George Cardale, main board director Savills, JLL’s Simon Peacock, Tim Greene, Head of Clifton College, Amy Golding, CEO of Opus Talent Solutions, ex-Bristol Mayor George Ferguson through to the bosses of Lovehoney and founders of recently-sold Pukka and Col Needham founder & CEO of IMDb.?Bevis Watts, managing director of Triodos Bank and?Stephen Lansdown, co-founder of Hargreaves Lansdown & founder Bristol Sport. It aims to be eclectic, across all types of Bristol Life areas

      Each time the Bristol Life Business Club will feature:

      ? Unique insights from a leading business speaker
      ? Limited number of high quality attendees
      ? Updates on business in Bristol from the Bristol Life team
      ? And a 2 course lunch at Avon Gorge Hotel

      Upcoming events:
      ? 12 September: Alex Reilley, Loungers Group
      ? 16 October: Anthony Gruppo, Jelf
      ?? 27 November: Nigel Scott, Bristol Airport
      ? ?Louise Mitchell, Chief Executive of Bristol Music Trust

      You’ll make deeper and better contacts over a very social lunch…

      We look forward to seeing you there.

      Getting in touch.

      If you would like MediaClash to organise your event or promote your company in association with our brands, please contact us.

      Call us on 01225 475 800 Call us on 01225 475 800