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      Call us on 01225 475 800 Call us on 01225 475 800
      Exeter Living Awards

      Exeter Living Awards.

      The Exeter Living Awards are the city’s most prestigious, high profile, most deeply sought after business awards.

      The Awards are open to all local companies who nominate themselves, with winners decided by a panel of impartial Exeter-based judges.

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      Exeter Living Awards

      Our Awards Sponsors derive unrivalled reach from many months of event marketing as well as a prominent presence on the night itself.

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      The?Exeter Living Awards?are the business highlight of the city. These are the most prestigious, most tightly contested Awards with the greatest number of local companies involved. Winning an Exeter Living Award is a powerful accolade.

      Backed by a massive marketing campaign, the event has become a huge celebration of businesses in Exeter and the area. Companies nominate themselves and a panel of independent Judges decides the winners.

      The?Exeter Living Awards?annually fills Exeter University’s Main Hall with glamour, music and over 400 people. It’s an unrivalled night out for businesses each April.

      The Awards are organised by?MediaClash, publishers of?Exeter Living?and?magazines for Bath, Bristol,?Cardiff and Salisbury; and award-winning foodie mag?Crumbs.?MediaClash has created, marketed and run similar high profile business Awards in Bath, Bristol and Cardiff;?the Crumbs Awards; as well as the new Bath Property Awards.

      For more information,?please get in touch?.

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      Getting in touch.

      If you would like MediaClash to organise your event or promote your company in association with our brands, please contact us.

      Call us on 01225 475 800 Call us on 01225 475 800